Innovative tunnel ventilation system

The reversible MoJet® tunnel ventilation system can enhance the in-tunnel aerodynamic thrust delivered by other jetfans by up to 25%, depending on the installation location. To achieve such a significant improvement in performance, the MoJet® uses shaped nozzles which turn the airstream away from the tunnel soffit and walls. This reduces surface friction, minimising the Coanda Effect, where a reduction in static pressure due to the high jet velocity tends to deflect the jet towards any solid surface. The MoJet® represents a significant improvement over older technologies to reduce the Coanda effect, such as the Banana Jet® and airflow deflectors (see our power comparison paper).

MoJet Benefits

MoJets® can provide a number of significant benefits for tunnel design, construction and operation. In terms of tunnel operation, the MoJet® can potentially offer the following benefits:

  • Reductions of up to 30% in the power consumption

    for tunnel ventilation, leading to lower costs for energy and installed power, as well as a lower carbon footprint.

  • Reduced number of fans

    and hence lower maintenance costs.

  • Smaller and lighter fans for the same aerodynamic thrust

    improving handling during installation, as well as reducing overheads associated with commissioning and maintenance.

  • A significant reduction in sound pressure levels

    can be achieved with the MoJet® by reducing the blade pitch angle, while still delivering the same in-tunnel aerodynamic thrust as a conventional jetfan.

  • If specified with 4-pole motors

    MoJets® can offer significantly lower sound emissions compared to conventional jetfans.

During tunnel design and construction, the MoJet® can offer the following benefits:

  • A smaller tunnel cross-section

    leading to a reduced requirement for construction materials and contributing to a faster construction programme.

  • Reduced cabling costs

    since MoJets® can be installed much closer together than conventional jetfans.

  • Additional ventilation capacity

    For existing tunnels, additional ventilation capacity can be delivered without the need for installing tunnel niches.

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