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As an innovative and dynamic company, we like to challenge existing technologies and how they are employed, and to develop new products and methods that address their shortcomings. In doing so, we understand the importance of developing our creative side to generate ideas, and also on applying our critical faculties to select the most promising ones. New ideas are then developed further into innovations by reference to functional requirements or emergent needs. We always work closely with our clients and end users to understand their perspectives throughout the process.

We have helped to develop both products and services to support our clients. For example, we assisted Datacentience in the development of their delta-T range of data-centre in-row cooling units, and prepared a novel way of preparing quantitative benefit-to-cost ratios for assessing fire suppression systems in the New Tyne Crossing in the UK. Our patented MoJet® is the most energy-efficient tunnel ventilation system currently available.

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