Quantitative risk analysis and assessment

Hazards with potentially large consequences such as explosions in industrial plants or dangerous goods fires in tunnels may require a quantitative risk analysis and subsequent assessment in order to establish whether the current risk level is acceptable, or whether additional measures may be required.   Such quantitative risk analysis may be based on:

  • a scenario-based approach, which analyses a defined set of relevant scenarios in terms of frequency and/or consequences; the risk assessment is done separately for each individual scenario;
  • a system-based approach, which investigates an overall system in an integrated process, including all relevant scenarios influencing the risk of the tunnel, thus obtaining risk values for the whole system. Typical outputs from a system-based approach are expected values and Frequency/Number of Casualties (FN) curve.

We are experienced in the generation of quantitative risk analysis for significant hazards, and in assessing the impact of safety measures in reducing the overall level of risk. For example, our quantitative risk analysis for fire risks in the New Tyne Crossing led to the first fire suppression system being installed in a road tunnel in the UK.

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