Fire safety in tunnels is a key concern for specifiers, authorities, designers, operators and the general public who use them for their transport needs. The limited egress possibilities, coupled with the number of people who may need to evacuate, creates potentially dangerous conditions in case of an underground fire. These considerations apply to a wide range of tunnels – road, railway and metro. Tunnel ventilation and fire suppression are key tools to mitigate the risk of smoke and fire spread, as part of an holistic fire safety strategy for a tunnel.

We are leaders in the development of robust fire safety strategies for tunnels, and in the specification of appropriate systems to reduce the risks to an acceptable level, with experience in well over 100 tunnels worldwide. Our quantitative fire risk assessment for the New Tyne Crossing led to the first fire suppression system being installed in a road tunnel in the United Kingdom. We are represented within the World Road Association’s (PIARC) Technical Committee on Tunnel Operations, and within BHR’s International Symposium on Aerodynamics, Ventilation and Fire in Tunnels. Please contact us to discuss your tunnel fire safety issues.

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