Sustainability in Tunnel Ventilation

Tunnel ventilation systems can typically absorb several megawatts of power, and any reduction in their power consumption can therefore make a significant contribution towards minimising operating costs and reducing carbon emissions. Even when tunnel ventilation systems are not operating, there will be a standing charge levied by the electricity supplier in proportion to the installed capacity.

Mosen Ltd are world leaders in the design and specification of energy-efficient tunnel ventilation systems, and many of our clients have already enjoyed substantial reductions in their power consumption. Our techniques include the analysis of the varying power demand throughout the relevant time period (e.g. working day, typical week or month), the design of optimised dimensions for ventilation stations, ductwork and fan locations, and the specification of appropriate feedback control systems and energy-efficient ventilation equipment and accessories. We have also developed tools for estimating and minimising the whole-life costs of ventilation plant.

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