Thermal Comfort

The perception of thermal comfort varies between individuals, and is dependent on many factors, including clothing, metabolic rate and acclimatisation. Nevertheless, it is well known that certain parameters govern thermal comfort when a large group of people are considered, and such comfort levels can be expressed as “Predicted Mean Vote” (PMV) and “Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied” (PPD), as per BS EN ISO 7730:2005. The sensation of warmth is influenced by air temperature, mean radiant temperature, relative air speed and humidity.

Using our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models, it is possible to estimate the thermal comfort experienced by building occupants and pedestrians for a range of scenarios. For example, the high wind velocities at street level due to the ‘funnelling effect’ of nearby buildings can be calculated. Within buildings, it is possible to predict the thermal comfort levels for different seasons of the year, and using alternative ventilation systems (e.g. fan coils, chilled beams and Variable Air Volume systems).

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