Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD is a powerful simulation tool that enables the prediction and visualisation of fluid flow within and around any object, e.g. airflow within a tunnel, smoke movement with a station, flow through a wastewater treatment plant, and many others. This is achieved through the numerical solution of discretised versions of the Navier-Stokes equations governing fluid flow, along with additional phenomenological models of relevant physical processes such as turbulence, radiation and conduction. The use of CFD is now widely accepted in many industries as a way of extending, or even replacing, the requirement for physical testing of the relevant flow phenomena. Through the use of multi-processor chipsets and parallel processing, it is possible to obtain accurate CFD calculations within a reasonable timeframe.

We have extensive experience in delivering high-quality CFD computations for a range of industries and applications including: tunnel and station infrastructure, waste-water processing and data centre cooling. Our calculations benefit from consideration of best practice standards promulgated by international bodies such as ERCOFTAC and ASME, and extensive experience in the writing and application of CFD codes.

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