Nuclear facilities present special challenges to fire safety engineers, since significant fire loads may be present in the fissile material (e.g. pyrophoric uranium), and careful management of the airflows within the fire compartments is required at all times to prevent leakage of airborne radioactive materials, including the duration of a fire scenario.

We have successfully implemented the Health and Safety Executive’s “Safety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Facilities” to demonstrate that defence in depth has been incorporated into the fire safety design. This includes consideration of fissile materials that require to be maintained safe by geometry or position, fissile materials that require to be maintained safe by concentration and radiological materials which require to be protected against the effects of fire to prevent radiation exposure to operatives or the release of airborne radioactivity.

Our nuclear experience includes fire safety design and review work in the Devonport D154 Project, the Pegasus project in Aldermaston and developments at Sellafield. Please contact us to discuss your nuclear fire safety requirements.

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