Passive fire protection

The provision of an adequate level of passive fire protection is an integral part of any tunnel, building or other structure. During the early stages of a fire, the passive fire protection acts to safeguard the escape routes during the evacuation of the building occupants; in the longer term, the building’s integrity must be assured in order to protect the emergency services from the threat of structural collapse. The spread of fire within voids and penetrations in the building structure should be avoided through appropriate levels of fire compartmentation.

The fire performance of structural steel or concrete can be enhanced in a number of ways, for example by covering the exposed surfaces with high-performance insulating board or, in the case of concrete, through the addition of steel or polypropylene fibres in the mix prior to casting or sprayed application. Intumescent paint can be applied on steel structures to provide protection against internal or external fires.

We are experienced in the calculation, specification and design of appropriate passive fire protection for buildings, tunnels and bunds, in order to provide the desired level of protection at the minimum installation cost. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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