Fire risk assessment

The proper management of fire safety in any premises requires regular checks on the systems, procedures and training relevant to the fire risks that may be present.

Such checks should be undertaken within the context of a fire risk assessment, with the objective of identifying any remedial measures that may be required to improve operational fire safety.

In October 2006, the UK Government introduced the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO), which has resulted in a change of focus with regard to fire protection, whilst simultaneously simplifying the legislative framework. The main effect of the RRFSO is a move towards greater emphasis on fire prevention in all non-domestic premises, including the voluntary sector and self-employed people with premises separate from their homes. Fire certificates which were previously required have been abolished, and cease to have legal status.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order applies in England and Wales (Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own laws). The responsibility for compliance with its requirements rests with the ‘responsible person’, who has a duty to carry out, or arrange to be carried out a ‘suitable and sufficient’ fire risk assessment. The fire risk assessment must focus on safety in case of fire of all ‘relevant persons’ and will assist in identifying risks that can be removed or reduced; further, to decide the nature and extent of the general fire precautions required to protect people against the fire risks that remain.

Mosen’s fire safety engineers have a wealth of experience in fire safety risk assessment and can fulfil the role of the ‘competent person’ required to undertake a reliable risk assessment under the UK regulatory framework. Our team have conducted a number of qualitative and quantitative design and fire risk assessments on diverse premises, and are able to professionally assess, and report on, fire risks as determined by on-site inspections, liaison with clients and other affected persons and appraisal of documentation, plans and specifications of the property concerned.

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